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UFC 165: John Makdessi 'It's about being smart and not being touched'

UFC lightweight, John Makdessi discusses his fighting philosophy, the need for more weight divisions and fighting to finish vs. fighting to win.


The UFC lightweight division might just be the most talent rich of them all. It is absolutely teeming with prospects hungry for their opportunity to shine and separate themselves from the rest of the pack. Tomorrow night's UFC 165 card will have a few great lightweight bouts that should display some standout fighters.

John Makdessi is one of those standout guys, looking to make an indelible mark on the division. I grabbed a quick interview with the young Canadian yesterday who discussed his fighting philosophy, the need for more weight divisions and fighting to finish vs. fighting to win. Here's what he had to say:

Fighting Philosophy

I solely train for self-improvement. My motivation is to become better at each aspect of MMA. I can't really focus on my opponent and what he does. I'm aware for his skills, but I believe my skills are supreme.

Fighting, for me, is a way to express yourself, it's that simple. I'm a true mixed martial artist. Some guys want to stay on the ground, some guys want to wrestle and some guys want to stand. For me, I try to not think too much and just let my body take over. My body, my mind and my spirit takes over. People underestimate my wrestling and my ground game, but I've proven in past fights that I have good wrestling defence and good ground defence. I am a well-rounded fighter. Just because I don't take the fight to the ground doesn't mean I can't.

Weight Divisions

I believe my division is the best division in the UFC. There's a big gap between 155 pounds and 170 pounds. I think if there were more divisions, you would see better fights. In boxing every 8-12 pounds is a new division, and that makes the fights exciting. It lets the fighter be closer in size without dropping 40 pounds and stuff.

Getting the Finish vs. Getting the Victory

For me, it's about being smart and not being touched. It's about giving the most damage and not receiving damage. To me, that's a true fighter. Any two guys can go out there and beat each other up. That being said, if the opportunity for the finish is given to me, of course I'm going to take it, but I don't look for it. If my opponent wants to come forward, that works out for me.

You can follow John via his Twitter account, @JohnMakdessiMMA

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