Jones vs. Gus: A Battle over 17 Lineal Titles

When Jones meets Gus this Saturday, the battle will be for more than just the UFC Light Heavyweight strap. The winner will also walk away with 17 lineal titles. Jones brings 16 to the table, while Gus adds the Australian based Cage Fighting Championship (CFC) lineal title to the mix. For those of you who have not read my previous posts regarding lineal titles, I follow a couple of basic rules:

1. Each lineal title can be traced back to the original title issued by the respective promotion

2. I don't count fights outside of the title's weight class, except where noted

Lineal Titles on the Line: (I apologize that I don't have time to document all the detail this time, but want you guys to see the list)

1. UFC

2. Pancrase

3. King of the Cagey

4. MFC

5. Gladiator Challenge

6. Cage Warrior

7. IFC (Original Tournament Belt)

8. Pride FC

9. WEC

10. IFL

11. Cage Rage

12. TKO

13. WFA

14. Rings

15. Ironheart Crown

16. World Vale Tudo

17. Cage Fighting Championship

Lineal Title Leaderboard:

Notice below that we have a new leader in Anthony Pettis. He knocked off Benson Henderson at UFC 164 and took his 28 titles with him. A win Saturday would bump Jones to 59% unification of the 27 titles that I track. The extra title that Jones holds, which is not on the line Saturday, is the WEC Heavyweight belt.

As you can see below, the next major unification opportunity comes when GSP puts his 19 titles on the line against Johny Hendricks' 6 titles. The winner will take 2nd place on the list with 25 titles, but they will be tied with the winner of Velasquez and JDS as their unification bout will also result in a total of 25 titles to the winner. If you are wondering how that is possible given JDS's destruction at the hands of Cain in their last fight, the title that JDS adds to the mix is one that he won from Mark Hunt, the PWP Super Heavyweight title.

# Name # of Titles Unify
1 Anthony Pettis 28 80%
2 Cain Velasquez 24 76%
3 George St. Piere 19 58%
3 Chris Weidman 19 56%
4 Jon Jones 17 56%
5 Jose Aldo 9 35%
6 Johny Hendricks 6 19%
7 Mighty Mouse 5 50%
7 Dominick Cruz 5 24%
7 Vitor Belfort 5 14%
8 Marlon Moraes 4
8 Akira Corassani 4
8 Constantinos Philippou 4
8 Bibiano Fernandes 4
8 Gegard Moussasi 4
8 Pat Curran 4
9 Ricardo Lamas 3
10 Eight fighters tied with 2 titles 2

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