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Jon Jones lands Gatorade sponsorship ahead of UFC 165

The sports drink giant has gotten into the Jon Jones business with Jones wearing the Gatorade logo for his UFC 165 fight with Alexander Gustafsson.


Jon Jones -- and his management -- have been able to land some very big sponsorship deals in his career. The light heavyweight champion landed not only a Nike sponsorship, but had his own shoe released by the footwear giant.

Now, ahead of his UFC 165 bout with Alexander Gustafsson, Jones has another sponsorship first. He'll be the first UFC fighter to wear the Gatorade logo in the Octagon.

Via MMA Fighting:

"It’s great that a company like Gatorade sees the value that their products bring to MMA athletes," Jones said in a statement. "They’re one of the biggest brands in sports worldwide, and I am honored to have their support moving forward."

The fact that Nike and Gatorade are interested -- or at least able to be sold on the idea -- in being in the Jon Jones business shows the larger "mainstream athlete" crossover appeal that Jones has.

It should be noted that Georges St. Pierre and Jones have appeared in Gatorade ads in the past. But this is a more direct sponsorship.

While he hasn't become quite the mega-star for the UFC that some predicted, he's a very viable product. And he is young enough with some major career moments ahead of him (breaking the light heavyweight title defense record Saturday and his eventual heavyweight run) that could push him to the next level.

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