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Ex-UFC champ Frankie Edgar happy to give old rival B.J. Penn a chance to restart career

Frankie Edgar explains why he accepted a third fight against B.J. Penn, a man he's already beaten twice.

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As a general rule, fighters only fight each other three times if the first two fights were split. But former UFC Lightweight champ Frankie Edgar was willing to overlook the fact that he's already beaten B.J. Penn twice (at UFC 112 and UFC 118) and agreed to a third match against Penn. The two will coach the next season of The Ultimate Fighter and then face off for the third time in a Featherweight bout.

Edgar explained his reasoning to Damon Martin:

"It's the opportunity of the show, it's the UFC asking me to do the show and it's BJ Penn," Edgar explained. "He's a legend, he's one of the best lightweights ever. I know I beat him twice, he really thinks he can beat me. He gave me my title shot so why not give him a chance to kind of restart his career. I want to put a stamp on this one. I don't want anybody's mind doubting that I'm the man now. I'm the guy all the lightweights should be talking about."

Time will tell if this is a decision that Edgar comes to regret.

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