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Anderson Silva dismisses Steven Seagal's influence on his success

Anderson Silva reveals what many long suspected, that Steven Seagal had very little to do with his MMA success.

If they meet in some bare-knuckle kumite event years from now, perhaps this is where the gauntlet will have first been laid. Former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva, speaking to Whoa! TV revealed that he doesn't give a lot of credit to Steven Seagal for teaching him martial arts techniques.

Steven Seagal is good man. There's no coach, no train me, but is good man. Just a good person, that's it.


Yeah, I train the front kick for long time. I start to train martial arts for long time ago. Steven Seagal showed me the movement, the little movement, but don't teach me this kick. Because I working hard for this kick for long time in my life.

There's also some good stuff in there on Silva's feelings about Lee Murray and some word association that reveals his secret thoughts on Chael Sonnen, Chris Weidman, and Georges St-Pierre. What do you think, has the truth finally come to bear? Will Anderson and Seagal battle to determine who is the master and who is the pupil?

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