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UFC's Nik Lentz responds to Conor McGregor: 'Slow your stroll sonnyboy'

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Conor McGregor may be the hottest young Featherweight in the UFC, but Nik Lentz is not impressed and tells Bloody Elbow's Dallas Winston all about it in this Bloody Elbow exclusive.


DALLAS WINSTON spoke with the UFC's Nik Lentz and, in a surprisingly candid interview, the typically soft-spoken "Carny" who's undefeated since dropping from lightweight to featherweight, spun quite the response to fellow featherweight Conor McGregor's recent comments -- both in and out of the Octagon.

Bloody Elbow: Thanks for taking the time to talk with us, Nick. How's it going?

Nik Lentz: Great. Won my last fight, healing up, training, moved to Florida.

Bloody Elbow: I'm guessing you've heard Conor MacGregor's recent commentary on the top 10 in the featherweight division, including yourself....

Lentz: I did. Fascinating reading. Nice to hear his views, informed by his vast wealth of UFC experience, which amounts to 15 minutes.

Bloody Elbow: Good point. Do you feel he's been brought along, and over-praised, a bit much?

Lentz: What do YOU think? It's bad enough that he got put on third base, but he walks and talks like he hit a triple. First order of business is to slow your stroll, sonnyboy. Beat a few guys before you start sounding off. You had the perfect venue, a receptive crowd, and all the time in the world to prepare. And what did you do? What did you prove? You landed every punch you know how to throw and the guy didn't blink. Same with your dazzling arsenal of impact-free kicks. Then you went to your so-called "wrestling skills" and did absolute squat on the mat as well. Then you got HURT! So you have no punching power, your kicks wouldn't stagger a baby flamingo, you can't wrestle, and you're as fragile as an overdone egg. You blew your knee out PLANTING YOUR LEG to KICK. And you think you can stand up to the wear-and-tear of genuine, top-level competition? Please.

Bloody Elbow: Maybe a tad harsh, but it's kind of hard to argue those points ...

Lentz: No argument necessary. Just being honest. He got called up from the minors, and proved he's too fragile to stick around. He has no toughness, he has a stupid suit, an ugly bow-tie, and he had his cup of coffee in the major leagues. Now he can put the fight poster with his name on it on the wall of the Dragon Bar or the Georg in Dublin, and spend the next 10 months drinking Mimosas and checking out the local talent that comes sashaying in. But until you get here, and STAY here, in the UFC, then you aren't REAL. So know your place, on a barstool nursing your blown-out knee and your stunted dreams. And don't make commentaries on fighters who do the work, can handle the punishment, and stick around.

And with that, the "Carny" made his exit.

Lentz is slated to face Dennis Bermudez at UFC Fight Night 31 for the Troops 3 in Kentucky in November.

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