Megumi Fujii's Retirement Fight Set, Rematch against Aguilar

The biggest non-Ronda Rousey match in WMMA

Megumi Fujii vs. Jessica Aguilar - Oct. 5 - VTJ 3rd


Let’s run through the many, many significances of this match (I don’t even care that significances isn’t a word)

  • This is Megumi’s final match. And what a way to go the fuck out.
  • The decisive winner of this match will be the undisputed #1 strawweight in the world
  • And Megumi would retire the #1 115lber, is their anyone that’s done that in MMA? Retire at #1?
  • If Megumi wins this, it will solidify her place as the greatest WMMA fighter of all-time (the only other argument is Cyborg and Ronda in a few more years)
  • This is one of the rare times the two best fighters in a weight class fight each other.
  • A rematch of a somewhat controversial decision in May of 2012 in Bellator. I’m actually shocked that its only be a year and half-ish… Bellator puts a shitload of shows.

Let’s talk a little bit about Fujii.

Here’s a woman, that some have called the female Fedor (and I agree with that term), that was 19-0 before getting the call to go on over to Bellator.

She got her first TKO victory in her debut. Then, dispatched of two WMMA mainstays, via armbar in Lisa Ellis, former Invicta atomweight title challenger and now Invicta champ, Carla Esparza.

She lost her first controversial split decision to Zoila Frausto in the tourney finals. I maintain, I agree with the decision. Megumi had the wrong gameplan trying to strike with Zoila, in my opinion. Zoila won, that’s fine. But, it’s utter bullshit, that she couldn’t make the weight again.

So, in my eyes, Megumi was still undefeated. She goes back home to Japan adds 3 more victories, then Bellator 69. In some random ass Casino, I assume, in Louisiana distributed live on the prestigious MTV2 network came the first encounter with Aguilar.

They both definitely won one round a piece, but if there ever was an MMA god that wasn’t a complete asshole, Megumi would have been given that 1st round. But, a decent to good armbar submission attempt wasn’t enough to beat lay on top wrestling.

I digress. This rematch will set the record straight hopefully. Okay, this decision wasn’t as bullshit as Machida/Shogun 1, but good lord, please have a decisive finish. There can’t be questions who is the number 1 in a division. I want Megumi to win obviously, but if Aguilar can dominate, good on her, and good for the division.

Megumi looked shaky and had a slower reaction time in her last fight at Vale Tudo Japan 2012 against Mei Yamaguchi. And this fight with Aguilar scares me. I’ll maintain my stance that Megumi is the best 115lb fighter in the world right now, but Aguilar might very well spoil the retirement of a legend.

Fujii. Forever.


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