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UFC 164 results: Anthony Pettis may have injured his left knee

Dana White made a troubling revelation at UFC 164's post fight presser, that Anthony Pettis may have injured his knee in his fight to capture the UFC lightweight title.

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Uh oh, same song, different implications. It's only been a couple weeks since UFC uber-prospect Conor McGregor told us that he felt his knee pop during his fight against Max Holloway. The bad news will cost McGregor the next 9 months as he looks to recover from a torn ACL. If that was troubling to fight fans, this could be devastating.

Dana White revealed at the UFC 164 post fight presser that Anthony Pettis may have suffered a knee injury during his fight against Ben Henderson. The newly crowned UFC lightweight champion was coming off a torn meniscus in his right knee that saw him pulled from a planned featherweight title fight against Jose Aldo on August 3. Apparently this time it was the left knee that put Pettis in trouble. He talked about it at the presser:

"I'm not sure what happened with my knee. I'm not sure yet Henderson threw the kick and I went to check with the knee. I felt it move back and forth a bit . But I'll get it checked out. Ben Henderson's the best in the world, when you fight the best in the world injuries are going to happen."


"I didn't feel a pop. I checked a kick and I didn't get my leg high enough so it hit me right in the knee. I felt it move back and forth a little bit. I'll get it checked out, I'm not sure what happened."

Hopefully the prognostication won't be so dire when he gets it examined. Pettis called out Jose Aldo in his post fight speech and a potential superfight between the two is one of the most intersting matchups available in MMA. T.J. Grant also has a claim to a lightweight title shot, and an extended injury layoff could cloud his no. 1 contender status. I expect we'll get updates soon as the UFC is going to want to get Pettis back in the Octagon as quickly as possible, so stay tuned for updates.

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