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Nakapan Phungephorn and BETA Academy file motion to dismiss in MMA Millionaires lawsuit

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Nakapan Phungephorn became the latest defendant in the MMA Millionaires lawsuit to file a motion to dismiss, claiming that Florida's long-arm statute does not apply.

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Bloody Elbow reported in late June that Lloyd Irvin associate Marcos Avellan had sued multiple parties for defamation relating to their statements about Irvin and his MMA Millionaires program in the wake of two of Irvin's students being charged with rape and allegations of improper behavior by Irvin himself that followed.

Avellan runs the platinum level of Lloyd Irvin's MMA Millionaires program and claimed that the talk by the men named in the suit (and, for some reason, their gyms) was a part of a conspiracy to defame that damaged his business.

Justin Garcia filed a motion to dismiss the suit against he and his gym in late July, citing that Florida's long-arm statute did not apply to him in this case. You can read our report and see the documents in our original post on Garcia's motion to dismiss.

Now, Nakapan Phungephorn and his gym (BETA Academy) have followed in Garcia's footsteps in filing a motion of his own. The motion restates many of the things already established in Garcia's. You can read the document in full here. One of the key parts of Phungephorn's alleged involvement was a post we ran on Bloody Elbow where he detailed his decision to end his association with Lloyd Irvin.

I've not heard any word about remaining defendant Brandon Nunley, aka Fuzzy Badfeet on The Underground forums. Nunley was the most aggressive in his anti-Irvin rhetoric on the forums.

We'll continue to follow the story as details become available.