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Video: Lyoto Machida and female reporter swap urine samples and drink each other's pee

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Former UFC Lyoto Machida went public with his family's practice of drinking their own urine in 2009. In this video he and a female reporter swap urine and both have a taste of each other's pee.

Former UFC Light Heavyweight champ just lost a controversial decision to Phil Davis at UFC 163 in a fight most thought he won. Now he's hitting the bottle to ease the pain. The urine sample bottle that is.

Machida revealed in 2009 that his family believes in drinking their own urine as a health measure. In the above video he proselytizes for the practice to an attractive female Brazilian reporter and for some reason the two both urinate into cups, then swap samples and drink each other's pee.

It's exceedingly odd. Enjoy!

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