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Chael Sonnen's licensing fate to be determined at meeting Thursday; facing complaints from 'activist groups'

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Unite Here and the Massachusetts chapter of the National Organization for Women have complained to the Massachusetts boxing commission asking them to not license Chael Sonnen. Sonnen's fate will be decided at a closed door meeting Thursday.

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Ten days out from the UFC's debut on Fox Sports 1 with UFC Fight Night: Shogun vs. Sonnen, main event fighter Chael Sonnen is without a license for the bout. It isn't exactly unheard of for fighters to cut it close on licensing, but Sonnen's history has become a focal point in the situation, in large part due to a few "activist groups."

MMA Junkie reported that a closed door meeting will take place tomorrow with the Massachusetts State Boxing Commission determining Chael's licensing fate. Unite Here fired off the initial complaint over Sonnen's licensing, stating that Sonnen's federal money laundering conviction should disqualify him from being granted his license.

Junkie's Steven Marrocco then updated the story via Twitter, stating that another organization -- the Massachusetts chapter of the National Organization for Women -- has jumped on the anti-Sonnen bandwagon, this time focusing on other aspects of Sonnen's character:

We'll have updates as available tomorrow when the commission makes their decision.