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Daniel Cormier: Jon Jones is 'like a 16 year old girl'

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UFC Heavyweight Daniel Cormier didn't care for Light Heavyweight champ Jon Jones' recent comments and fires back with some snark of his own.

Thearon W. Henderson

When UFC Heavyweight Daniel Cormier's name was mentioned to Light Heavyweight champ Jon Jones as a potential challenger (Cormier's fight against Roy Nelson at UFC 166 is expected to be his last at Heavyweight), Jones shared some very critical commentary (per

"DC is a guy who really wants to be famous," said Jones. "I don't think he wants to work hard. I think he just wants to be famous. You can see it in his physique; you can see it in his card."

"I hate answering questions about him. He's just not relevant to me. There's so many great fighters in the light-heavyweight division. He's not even top five in his division..."

"He has short reach, bad cardio, he looked terrible in his last fight. It's like, I'm not worried about him at all."

Cormier fired back on Fuel TV's UFC 163 post-fight show with Jon Anik:

"When I hear his quote, it's like a 16-year old girl," said Cormier. "Jon Jones, grow up bud, we're going to fight regardless of how you feel. And when we do and I'm cutting the line and you might as well pull the guard because I'm taking you down."

Sounds like the trash talk is starting even before Cormier makes his way down to Jones' division.