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UFC 163 results: Jose Aldo's broken foot in title defense against Chan Sung Jung (photos)

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Check out these photos from UFC 163 that show just how badly the Featherweight champion hurt his foot in his 5th UFC title defense.

Despite retaining his Featherweight title with a fourth round TKO over Chan Sung Jung, Jose Aldo's performance at UFC 163 surprised many viewers. He abandoned his typically low-kick heavy game in favor of offensive wrestling. This tactic was basically unheard of previously for Aldo, who's notorious for his violent Muay Thai game. Shortly after the fight, it came out that Aldo had injured and maybe broken his right foot on the very first kick of the fight. Still, the champ persevered and, when Jung dislocated his shoulder in round 4, he found a way to finish the fight.

Check out these photos from Esther Lin of MMA Fighting that show just what Aldo was dealing with throughout the fight. Aldo's record tying title defense took place at the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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