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UFC 163: Korean Zombie's shoulder injury won't require surgery

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The Korean Zombie aka Chan Sung Jung, suffered a terrible shoulder injury last night in his title fight against Jose Aldo, but ringside physicians were able to realign it, and say that it won't require surgical measures.

Esther Lin for MMA Fighting

UFC 163 didn't receive a lot of warmth from fans and media leading up to the event, due in part to a slew of unknowns on the card. It did, however, produce some great fights, outlandish decisions, upsets and gnarly injuries. For a card that many said wasn't worth the price of admission, it provided a fair amount of excitement in various forms.

The main event looked like it would be a complete mauling on paper, but provided a pleasant surprise when Chan Sung Jung was able to weather the storm against Jose Aldo. When round four rolled around, I thought to myself, 'Damn, this kid is putting in serious work. I won't have to put Dallas Winston on suicide watch after all.'

Dallas is the quintessential Korean Zombie fan. He would pick that kid to win against Cain Velasquez if ever there was an open weight tourney. He was the only member from the Bloody Elbow staff to choose the Zombie to win.

While Jung was not victorious, he did put forth a warrior's effort, but alas, he succumbed to a terrible shoulder separation in the fourth round. At a little past one minute into round four, Chan threw a punch that visibly left his shoulder looking like he'd had a run-in with a 500 pound gorilla and lost. At the two minute mark, the fight was mercifully stopped.

Fortunately, the injury was able to be attended to by ringside physicians and will not require surgery, as relayed in last night's post fight presser. Thanks to our media guru and all around gif grand wizard, Zombie Prophet, we have some animation of the injury as it unfolded.


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