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UFC 163 results: Jose Aldo hurt foot early in fight, not sure about moving to 155

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UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo says he hurt his foot with the first kick he threw in his UFC 163 main event bout with Chan Sung Jung.


UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo successfully defended his title tonight, but his opponent wasn't the only one that got hurt in the bout. Challenger Chan Sung Jung dislocated his shoulder in the fourth round and that led to the finish of the fight. But at the UFC 163 post-fight press conference, Aldo said that he suffered an injury of his own. The champ hurt his foot with the first kick he threw in the fight.

The champ stated that he wasn't sure if it was broken or not, but he would be heading to the hospital after the press conference to find out. It explains a few things about the fight - Aldo's normally a leg kicking machine, and that was the only one he threw in the entire fight. Plus, Aldo switched to more of a grappling game later on, which was something that he doesn't normally do.

The champ also said that it was up to the UFC whether he goes up to 155 or not. Aldo stated that he made weight easily and it was the best weight cut so far, so he'll just see what the UFC wants him to do and he'll go along with whatever they say.