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UFC president Dana White says Lyoto Machida won all three rounds against Phil Davis

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Dana White responds to the controversial decision in the Light heavyweight co-main event of UFC 163

Richard Wolowicz

A bout between two top-10 Light Heavyweights was the co-main event feature of UFC 163 Saturday night. The bout was a lackluster affair, with Lyoto Machida keeping his distance from Phil Davis in order to out-strike his opponent from distance. Davis managed to finish each of the first two rounds with late takedowns that left Machida on his back when the bell rang. While many viewers felt Machida should have won on points, the judges disagreed and awarded Davis the unanimous decision.

Fight fans weren't the only ones to disagree with the decision as UFC president Dana White took to twitter immediately after the bout to voice his grievance:

it's far from unusual for White to criticize the judges. Following the co-main event, Jose Aldo looked to defend his belt against Chan sung Jung in the main event.

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