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UFC 164 results: Chad Mendes scores TKO victory over Clay Guida

In the third UFC 164 main card fight, Chad Mendes scored a TKO victory over Clay Guida in round three.

Matt Roberts

Chad Mendes cemented his spot as the second best featherweight in the world with a TKO victory over Clay Guida in the third round of their UFC 164 fight. The first two rounds were largely uneventful but it was Mendes that was in control. Early in the third, he briefly cropped Guida with a punch, then clubbed him again a few seconds later. That led to the TKO finish at 30 seconds of round three.

As expected, the two men were moving around the cage a lot early in the fight. The two men didn't connect with much, but Mendes briefly caught Guida in a guillotine. Clay escaped, and landed a head kick not long after. Mendes got a takedown with a minute left in the first and controlled him on the ground for the rest of the round.

Guida was trying to bring pressure in the second round, but wasn't connecting with much of anything except one low blow. After the restart, Guida tried to take Mendes down but Chad ended up Clay's back instead. Upon returning to the feet, Clay tried again but there was nothing there. Mendes was controlling position when they grappled, but he couldn't get a lot of offense going. He was still doing more than Guida though.

Mendes clipped him with a punch early in round three, and continued to come at him. He nailed Guida with a right that dropped him, then pounded him out.

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