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UFC 164 results: Ben Rothwell stops Brandon Vera in the third round

In the second main card fight at UFC 164, Ben Rothwell picked up a TKO victory over Brandon Vera in the third round.


After two uneventful rounds in his heavyweight UFC 164 bout with Brandon Vera, Ben Rothwell finally had enough. Vera was circling a lot and Rothwell couldn't cut him off, but Big Ben finally caught Vera with a couple of big shots in the third round, and he continued the assault until Vera wilted. The TKO finish came at 1:54 of the third.

Vera was all about his powerful kicks early in the first round, while Rothwell was countering and landing powerful rights in return. Vera was using his speed advantage to circle a lot and make Rothwell work for his strikes. Vera scored with some nice body kicks. The last strike of the round was a a flush kick in Vera's stones from Rothwell.

After some knees in the clinch, Rothwell scored the first good strike of round two with a head kick. After a whole lot of circling from Vera, both men scored inside with some punches. Vera had a couple of takedown attempts rebuffed. Rothwell scored with a nice right while Vera went back to the body with kicks. The round was pretty uneventful.

They decided to clinch for a while to start round three, which wasn't exactly a barrel of excitement. Rothwell finally opened up and clubbed Vera with a right, then went to town on him. Rothwell battered him with punches until Vera went down, and Herb Dean jumped in to stop the fight.

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