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UFC 164 results: Tim Elliott takes wide decision win over Louis Gaudinot

In a flyweight fight on the UFC 164 preliminary card, Tim Elliott dominated Louis Gaudinot for 15 minutes and picked up a unanimous decision victory.

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Tim Elliott opened a lot of eyes with a 15-minute domination of Louis Gaudinot in their UFC 164 flyweight bout. The man with the beard scored with every takedown he tried and beat Gaudinot up when he was on top. He also did a good job of controlling the striking in the feet, mixing in some fancy stuff at times. The scores were 30-27, 30-26, and 30-26 for Elliott, who won his second UFC bout in a row.

The fighters got off to a quick start with kicks, but Elliott poked Gaudinot in the eye during an exchange. Upon the restart, Elliott got a takedown and went for a guillotine. Gaudinot looked for an armbar and Eliiott let him up. Both men were landing some hard inside leg kicks. Elliott got another takedown and landed some hammerfists. Elliott worked for a while, but Gaudinot got up with about a minute to go. Elliott threw a bunch of knees on Gaudinot against the cage and got yet another takedown. It was a good round for him.

They exchanged more kicks to open the second round, and Elliott backed Gaudinot against the cage while scoring with elbows. Both men were missing with their hands a fair amount, but Elliott was scoring with other strikes. He then got a takedown and beat Gaudinot up a bit on the ground for the rest of the round.

The third opened with yet another takedown from Elliott. He landed a barrage of elbows before Gaudinot got up. Gaudinot landed a nice kick, but Elliott came back with some offense and another takedown. The beaded fighter continued to beat Gaudinot up with a steady dose of elbows and short punches all the way to the final horn.

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