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UFC 164 results: Chico Camus takes exciting decision win over Kyung Ho Kang

In the first televised preliminary bout of UFC 164, Chico Camus came from behind and picked up an unanimous decision victory over Kyung Ho Kang.

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

The bantamweights showed up after the heavyweight stunk up the octagon, and did they ever turn things around. Chico Camus and Kyung Ho Kang engaged in an excellent three-round fight with an incredible last 15 seconds. Kang controlled Camus on the ground for large stretches of the fight, but a huge Camus upkick and the amount of damage inflicted until the horn was enough to claim the win. The judges had it 30-27 (which is a horrible score), 29-28, and 29-28 for the hometown fighter.

Kang came out with some kicks, and Camus landed a couple of good rights. Kang got a takedown. Kang tried to get his back but Camus fought him off. Kang landed a few strikes here and there while eventually moving to side control. Kang controlled from there for over three minutes until Camus finally got up at the end of the round.

Kang hit a trip takedown just 10 seconds into the second stanza. They engaged in a tactical battle on the ground, with Kang passing guard repeatedly but Camus being able to retain full guard. Finally Kang got out to side control halfway through the round. Camus finally reversed on an armbar attempt and got on top. Camus wasn't able to get a ton going until he locked up Kang's head and unloaded against the cage.

Camus almost got a takedown early in the third, but the two men just duked it out on the feet instead. Kang landed a jumping round kick, which looked pretty cool. Camus came back with a nice combo finished with a punishing right hook. Kang got a takedown and nullified Camus for a while. Kang was landing more punches on the ground than he did in the first two rounds. Camus got up with less than two minutes to go. Camus hurt him with a punch, but they engaged in a ground scramble and Kang ended up back on top. Chico landed a huge upkick with 15 seconds to go then almost pounded him out late, but the horn sounded.

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