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UFC 164 results: Magnus Cedenblad submits Jared Hamman early

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In the opening bout of UFC 164, Magnus Cedenblad submitted Jared Hamman with a guillotine in under a minute.

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Well, the first fight of UFC 164 sure didn't last long. Middleweights Magnus Cedenblad and Jared Hamman entered the octagon coming off long layoffs and Cedenblad wasted no time in there, submitting Hamman with a guillotine. It came at the 57-second mark of the first.

Hamman opened the fight with two really hard kicks. Cedenblad landed a couple of counter rights. Hamman ducked a right and went for a takedown, but Cedenblad immediately locked up a guillotine and fell back. Hamman tried to move, but Cedenblad rolled right into mount and cranked on it. Hamman had no choice but to tap.

After the fight, Cedenblad said he'd like to win submission of the night so he "could fly business class home". He also called out Dylan Andrews. The win was Cedenblad's first in the UFC and lifted his record to 1-1. Hamman fell to 2-5 in the UFC with the loss and might be out of work soon.