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UFC Fight Night 27 results: Dana White paying Abel Trujillo a win bonus

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In the post fight presser for UFC Fight Night: Condit vs. Kampmann 2 Dana White went on the record to say that he'll be paying Abel Trujillo his win bonus after an illegal knee resulted in a no contest against Roger Bowling.

While many people were calling for a disqualification that would have seen Abel Trujillo exit his UFC Fight Night 27 battle against Roger Bowling with a loss, Dana White is saying just the opposite. He spoke to the fight in the night's post-fight presser saying that he would be paying Trujillo his win bonus as he felt that the knee clearly landed on Bowling's shoulder and was not illegal at all. The UFC's official Twitter account tweeted the announcement.

Multiple replays showed the strike appeared to skip up Bowling's body and into his face. Whether the intention was there or not the result appeared to be an illegal blow. Dana's reaction provides a strange message all around. Perhaps it speaks towards the drive towards changing the rules towards knees to a downed opponent. What do you think? Was it legal or illegal? Should the UFC be encouraging fighters to throw these questionable strikes? Or was this really a case where the referee got it wrong?

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