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UFC Fight Night 27 results: Carlos Condit stops Martin Kampmann in round 4

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In the main event of UFC Fight Night 27, Carlos Condit overcame a rough first round to stop Martin Kampmann with strikes in round four.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Carlos Condit got off to a rough start in his UFC Fight Night 27 main event bout with Martin Kampmann, but he certainly came back. After getting put on his back early, Condit dominated the next two-plus rounds with his fearsome striking game, and eventually stopped Kampmann in the fourth stanza. He absolutely busted him up and Kampmann showed a bunch of heart, but he was too much to handle. The finish came at 0:54 of the first round.

Kampmann shot in for a takedown immediately and after some resistance, he got it. Kampmann advanced to his back and got a hook, but Condit reversed position. They returned to the feet, but Kampmann clinched up again and looked for a takedown. And once again, he got it. Condit returned to the feet and ate a knee on the way up. Kampmann got yet another takedown at the end of the round.

Kampmann landed the first shot of the second round, a right that stunned Condit a bit. Condit stuffed a few takedown attempts, landed some strikes, and looked for his own takedown. They exchanged hard straight rights, but Condit was turning up his striking and was definitely more accurate. Kampmann shot in again but Condit's takedown defense was greatly improved from the first round.

After eating some shots from Condit, Kampmann scooped him up and deposited him on the mat. Condit never went to his back though and managed to get up quick. Condit stunned the Danish fighter with a shot and Kampmann's face was covered in blood. Condit's straight right was on point throughout the round. Condit fought off a takedown attempt with a choke attempt, then got Kampmann's back and really sunk it in. Martin fought it off but Condit moved to mount. He managed to get up before the end of the round, but it was all Condit at this point.

The Danish fighter charged out in round four and got a quick takedown, but Condit came back up just as quickly. Condit opened up with a barrage of strikes that backed Kampmann against the cage. Condit attacked with knees, punches, and kicks, and Kampmann finally slumped the mat, defeated.