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UFC Fight Night 27 results: Rafael dos Anjos takes decision over Donald Cerrone

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In the co-main event of UFC Fight Night 27, Rafael Dos Anjos defeated Donald Cerrone by unanimous decision.

Rafael Suanes-US PRESSWIRE

Rafael dos Anjos came into his UFC Fight Night 27 co-main event bout with Donald Cerrone on a roll, and he continued to move up in the rankings by taking a unanimous decision victory. Dos Anjos dropped Cerrone with a beautiful right hook in the first, and used solid striking and a timely takedown to win the second as well. Cerrone came back in the third, but didn't really have RDA in any danger. The win was Dos Anjos' fifth in a row.

The two men exchanged kicks early in the first round. Cerrone scored with a solid knee inside, but Dos Anjos came back with a nice combination. Dos Anjos dropped Cerrone with a right hook and jumped into his guard, but Cerrone almost locked up a triangle immediately. RDA fought it off and continued to work, landing a bevy of big elbows.

Dos Anjos got off to a good start in the second round, putting together combinations that were backing Cerrone off. His combos to the body and head were very crisp. Cerrone shot in and got a nice takedown. Cowboy couldn't get much going in RDA's guard and they returned to the feet. Dos Anjos got his own takedown in return with a minute to go and rode it out on top.

Cerrone opened the final round with a huge leg kick. Dos Anjos stayed active and connected with some punches. Cowboy landed a body shot, but wasn't showing a ton of urgency for a guy that was down two rounds. RDA worked hard for a takedown but got stuffed. Cerrone finally turned it up with a head kick and a combination, and he tried to close strong. Dos Anjos deftly moved away and landed  his own solid shot though. Cerrone charged forward late, but ran out of time.