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UFC Fight Night 27 results: Court McGee takes decision over Robert Whittaker

In the third main card bout at UFC Fight Night 27, Court McGee defeated Robert Whittaker by split decision.

Mark Kolbe

In the latest battle of Ultimate Fighter winners, it was the American that barely came out on top over the Aussie. Court McGee used an improved standup game and a lot of pressure to take a split decision win over the game Robert Whittaker. McGee was landing a lot of volume throughout the 15 minutes, but Whittaker deftly responded with nice counters and solid shots himself. In the end, the judges were very divided, as can be seen be the scores. One judge had it 30-27 Whittaker, but McGee took the other two cards with 30-27 and 29-28 scores to secure the victory.

McGee brought the pressure quickly with kicks, while Whittaker tried to establish distance with a nice jab. McGee looked for a takedown but ate a left that stunned him briefly. McGee went for a takedown but couldn't tie Whittaker up. McGee suffered a cut in the hairline. Whittaker's boxing was on point early.

Court brought the pressure again early in round two, and it paid off when he landed a big shot that wobbled Whittaker. He came back with another left that wobbled him again. He even landed a fancy elbow strike. McGee came back with his own standing elbow to the grill though. Whittaker showed off some impressive takedown defense, and landed another elbow along with some jabs. Whittaker closed well with a nice head kick.

Both men came out chucking knuckles in the final round and both were connecting. Whittaker was scoring with the left while Court continued to wear down the body and legs with kicks. Whittaker used some nice head movement to land counters from weird angles, but McGee was the one bringing more pressure overall. The fight ended with a flurry of action.