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Update: Details revealed from Miller's court appearance

Jason "Mayhem" Miller appeared in court today and the result was a combination of his two arrests into one case. The details of the allegations against him were also revealed.

Esther Lin/ Showtime

UPDATE: was at Miller's court day and gave their account of events. Miller declared himself not guilty through his lawyers to charges of assault filed by the alleged victim Ana Priscilla, a woman Miller knew as Ana Stable. Photgraphs of Miller's hands were taken, including places where it was alleged he had been bitten by Priscilla. He told the court and those in attendance "I need to get out tonight, it's imperative." Several social media posts were brought in as evidence of his threatening attitude towards the alleged victim including "SOME PEOPLE PREFER PRISONERS OVER PARTNERS. IF THEY CAN'T HAVE YOU, NO ONE CAN. CAN'T KILL MAYBE"

SciFighting also gave an account of the second alleged assault that lead to Miller's arrest:

Mayhem Millers alleged victim, known to the court as Ana Pricilla (but known to Mayhem as Anna Stable), says that during the second assault case she was urinated on and choked until she fell on the floor, where she was punched and kicked viciously. In defense, Mayhem's attorney stated that the victim was asked to leave the house, and Jason's father witnessed her attacking Jason. At this point in the hearing, Judge Manssourian scolded Mayhem because he was making faces and nodding his head in every direction. The fighter apologized, explaining he is "an expressive person" and that he's "an artist". The judge dismissed his statements, and advised him he is best served to be silent and allow his attorney to speak on his behalf. The hearing continued and the People then suggested that the judge take into account the bruises and lacerations that the victim allegedly had. Mayhem's defense replied that "the victim trains (in) MMA" as well, and would probably have those anyway. She did not go to the hospital or report these injuries the night of the conflict, instead opting to sleep at Jason's house and report the event weeks later. It is also pointed out that not only does Jason have a restraining order against this woman, so do a few of her past boyfriends.

After appearing in court today a new booking report was issued on Jason Miller. Bail bondsman and Bloody Elbow reader TheDreadedMarco provided the details:

Booking No: 2781766
Next Court Appearance Date: 8/30/2013
Next Court Appearance Location: HARBOR JUSTICE CENTER

Case: Booking Case
Case Name:
Booked on: 082213 at 1828 Warrant/Case Number: 13HF2576
Bail Amount: 100000.00 Jurisdiction: HARBOR JUSTICE CENTER
Arresting Agency: MISSION VIEJO PD Number of Charges: 1
Count Degree Code Section Description

It would appear that because Miller had not yet appeared in court for his previous charges his two arrests have now been wrapped into one case. His bail has been re-set at $100,000 (he was facing a $50,000 bail for each previous charge) and he will now be facing two felony counts of corporal injury of spouse, or domestic abuse. As stated in a previous update, the specific charges he's facing are the result of physical evidence of abuse on his alleged victim, removing the chance for a lower misdemeanor charge. His next court date is set for Friday, and we'll be sure to have an update then on the proceedings.

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