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Conor McGregor talks about how he got interested in fighting

Conor McGregor in his Fox Sports spot building up to todays UFC Fight Night: Shogun vs. Sonnen card talks about how he got interested in fighting and how it's pretty much the only thing he thinks about.

The UFC's fastest rising star Conor McGregor st down with Fox Sports in the lead up to his fight with Max Holloway to talk about how he got started in the sport and what keeps him motivated.

I was always the little kid. The little small guy. The little small handsome guy people wanted to whoop. I knew early on that I needed to take up self defense. Those situations that might happen, made me think about... They were in my thoughts more than maybe any other kid would. The stuck in my thoughts. Just drove me to the gym and drove me to learn. I just became obsessed with it. Combat, self defense, unarmed combat, it just became an obsession. That's how I got started in. I just walked into a kickboxing gym, done a little bit of kickboxing, done some boxing, done a little bit of jiu jitsu. I was just floating around, trying to learn all ways the body moves. I always think street but train sport. I knew in the street that anything can happen. Any movement can happen and I knew that from a young age. I knew that I needed to be able to move in many ways.

UFC Fight Night: Shogun vs. Sonnen starts streaming live on Bloody Elbow, Facebook, and Youtube at 4:30 Eastern/1:30 Pacific. Follow all the night's action here on Bloody Elbow.

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