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UFC Fight Night: Shogun vs. Sonnen - Live results and play-by-play for Facebook and Fox Sports 1 prelims

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Bloody Elbow brings you live results for the UFC's first show on the brand new Fox Sports 1 channel. Before we get to the night's headliner of Chael Sonnen vs. Shogun Rua, there are three and a half hours of scheduled prelims.

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The UFC has a prominent place at the table for the launch of Fox Sports 1, serving as the first prime time live sporting event in the first-day network's history. Tonight's UFC Fight Night: Shogun vs. Sonnen card is considerably stacked for a "free" show that isn't on Fox itself, and we'll have live results, analysis and thoughts throughout this historic event.

Tonight's action kicks off at 4:30 p.m. ET with three fights on Facebook, there will also be an hour long pre-fight show on Fox Sports 1 at 5 p.m. ET during those prelims. At 6 p.m. ET the prelims will shift to Fox Sports 1, with four bouts taking place before the 8 p.m. ET kick off of the main card, also on Fox Sports 1.

This post will cover the Facebook prelims as well as the two hour prelim broadcast on FS1.

Here's how the preliminary portion of the card breaks down:

Prelims (Fox Sports 1) - 6 p.m. ET

Bantamweight: Brad Pickett vs. Michael McDonald

Featherweight: Conor McGregor vs. Max Holloway

Featherweight: Mike Brown vs. Steven Siler

Featherweight: Diego Brandao vs. Daniel Pineda

Prelims (Facebook) - 4:30 p.m. ET

Featherweight: Manny Gamburyan vs. Cole Miller

Light Heavyweight: Cody Donovan vs. Ovince St. Preux

Lightweight: Ramsey Nijem vs. James Vick

Make sure to come back and share your thoughts as the action goes down.

Ramsey Nijem vs. James Vick - Round 1 -Nijem with a good kick and he shoots in and Vick sprawls well. Vick ends up locking in a guillotine and it's over. Wow, that was quick. James Vick wins by submission (guillotine choke), round 1.

Cody Donovan vs. Ovince St. Preux - Round 1 - Donovan managed to try for a takedown, got reversed and OSP pounded him out from in guard with a violent flurry. Two prelims, two quick finishes. Ovince St. Preux wins by TKO (punches), round 1.

Manny Gamburyan vs. Cole Miller - Round 1 -Miller with a front kick, Gambuyan with a leg kick. Miller working some jabs and straight punches and Gamburyan having trouble getting inside to do any work. Miller still working the jab, just popping Many in the face and adding in some front kicks. Gamburyan finally shoots and gets a big slam. Gamburyan with a few nice elbows and Miller stands up. 10-9 Miller. Now Gamburyan is acting out of it after the bell and grabbing the back of his head. Now they let the doctor check him and after about 2 minutes they restart the fight for round 2.

Round 2 -Miller popping him and opening a cut. Manny with a takedown now after getting roughed up. My Facebook stream froze so I can't give more details.

Round 3 - the fight did go to decision, again, apologies for lack of detail.

Official scorecards: 30-27, 29-28, 29-28. Manny Gamburyan wins by unanimous decision.

Diego Brandao vs. Daniel Pineda - Round 1 - Pineda with some good leg kicks early on. Brandao with some big shots and flying knees and Pineda is hurt and he manages to keep coming forward. Brandao picking him aprt with some sharp counters though. Brandao with a takedown now and he seems to have figured out how to handle Pineda. Pineda manages to get back up and he has managed to survive a really rough round. And, given Brandao's gastank issues, that might be big. 10-9 Brandao

Round 2 - Brandao got the takedown and was doing good work again but Pineda managed to sweep and he's on top in full mount. Pineda raining down some big elbows and now he postures up and lands some big punches. He can't finish but he wins the round. 10-9 Pineda.

Round 3 - Brandao throwing some punches and head kicks but he's looking pretty gassed. Pineda with a few good punches and Brandao with a takedown. Pineda gets up and misses his own takedown after Brandao lands a good right. Pineda still can't get the takedown and Pineda with a kick to the body. Brandao keeps getting takedowns, both guys are pretty gassed. 10-9 Brandao

Official scorecards: 29-28 across the board. Diego Brandao wins by unanimous decision.

Mike Brown vs. Steven Siler - Round 1 -Siler catches Brown quickly and drops him. He follows up with some ground and pound and this one is over. Brown is protesting, but that was over. Steven Siler wins by TKO (punches), round 1.

Max Holloway vs. Conor McGregor - Round 1 - McGregor coming out firing early and he lands a nice left hand. McGregor landing and Holloway occasionally landing his own strike.  McGreggor is keeping the pressure onand landing well. McGregor is having his way but does an odd thing whenever he gets hit and puts his hands up in the air, drawing attention. 10-9 McGregor.

Round 2 - McGregor comes out and lands hard with a straight punch. Holloway with a right hand and another but McGregor counters and lands some more on his own. Holloway throws a kick, McGregor takes him down off of it and does some okay work on top before the round ends. 10-9 McGregor.

Round 3 - McGregor decides to work on the ground all round, scoring takedowns, moving to mount, doing a little work and just controlling the round to the horn. 10-9 McGregor.

Official scorecards: 30-27, 30-27, 30-26. Conor McGregor wins by unanimous decision.

Brad Pickett vs. Michael McDonald - Round 1 - McDonald with a leg kick to get things going. McDonald is tagging him out of nowhere. Pickett won't go out but he's getting cracked hard. Now Pickett fires back and he survives a brutal assault. McDonald slows down and now he lands a massive kick that drops Pickett again and McDonald is on the ground on top. They're back to the feet and McDonald lands hard again. McDonald lands some big shots again. 10-8 McDonald.

Round 2 - Pickett gets on top with a takedown early and he's working his top game while McDonald just kind of holds guard. McDonald locks in the triangle after staying perfectly calm and it's over. Wow. Michael McDonald wins by submission (triangle choke), round 2.