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UFC Ultimate Fight Night 26 media scrum with Dana White (video)

Straight from Boston, we've got the full video of the traditional pre event media scrum with UFC president, Dana White.

It only makes sense that the most stacked UFC event of the year so far should have a solid media scrum with president, Dana White, jam packed with quote gold. As always, we have got the video footage for our readers.

Our good friends at MMA Mania took the time to detail some of the highlights here:

--UFC won't counter upcoming Bellator pay-per-view (PPV)
--Dana is interested in talking to free agent Ben Askren
--Ronda Rousey is not retiring in two years
--Dana hasn't heard back from Nick Diaz on Lyoto Machida fight
--Ireland is "definitely" getting a UFC show in 2014
--FOX is unselfish and an unbelievable business partner
--TUF 18 is the best season ever
--No word yet if any UFC fighters surface in Biogenesis report
--Marc Ratner is a UFC Hall-of-Famer
--Dana likes "Face the Pain" so get used to it
--Bangor, Maine could get a UFC Fight Night event
--Culinary Union blows goats
--Dana not a fan of World Tour until after it wrapped and he saw how awesome it was

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