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Report: Machida vs. Belfort may be in the works for November

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Coming off a disappointing unanimous decision loss to Phil Davis, it would appear that Lyoto Machida isn't going to get a losing fighter's treatment. Sources say he's being lined up for a fight with Vitor Belfort in November.

Chris Trotman

Recently Vitor Belfort stated that the only way he'd return to middleweight was for a title shot. At least that was the thinking when he turned down a bout with Tim Kennedy. And while he may not be getting a shot at the middleweight title any time soon (With Weidman vs. Silva II still months away) it would appear that "The Phenom" is making good on his promise. Globo's reports that talks have started to see Vitor Belfort take on Lyoto Machida on a November 9th card planned for Goiana, Brazil.

There's no denying that it would be a big, fun fight for both men at this point in their careers. And while it gives some reward to Machida for a loss that many viewers, Dana White included, thought he won, it also sidelines him from the title hunt somewhat. Belfort is a big name fighter and the sort of guy who always seems two wins away from a chance for a belt, but he's hardly next in line at light heavyweight. A fight between he and Machida, while not irrelevant, probably won't have fans crying for either of them to get a crack at Jon Jones either. That may ultimately be best for the UFC by giving them some time to let a new challenger, like Glover Teixeira, emerge.

From the sound of things talks are in their earliest stages at the moment and this is by no means a match set in stone. We'll be sure to keep you updated as more information becomes available, so stay tuned.

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