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Report: More details on Eddie Alvarez and Bellator PPV

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Shortly after the announcement of Alvarez's return to the Bellator cage, Ariel Helwani reported some interesting details about the settlement.

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Tuesday morning, Bellator announced that they had an exciting new addition to their upcoming pay-per-view. After 8 months of legal struggles, Eddie Alvarez will be rejoining the Bellator cast to rematch Michael Chandler. In Alvarez's sole loss with the organization, Chandler took the Lightweight title from him in an incredible fight at Bellator 58 in 2011. Eddie will have a chance to reclaim his belt this fall.

The announcement wasn't completely unexpected as last week Alvarez's manager indicated they were hoping to reach an agreement with Bellator. While the exact details of the settlement are still unknown, Ariel Helwani reported some insight:

Ariel doesn't state what obligation Alvarez would have to Bellator if he were to win the rematch and the rubber match, but that's still a while out. Regardless, it's good to see that Alvarez won't be stuck on the shelf through the end of 2014 as was previously projected. Eddie said in a Bellator press release:

I still lose sleep over my loss to Chandler, and I want it off my record," Alvarez remarked. "This was a long process, but at the end of the day I'm back with Bellator and I'm happy to get back in the cage. I really believe everything happens for a reason, and at the end of the day my family and I are happy, and I'm ready to get my belt back on November 2nd