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UPDATED: Mayhem Miller arrested again?

It just might be that Jason "Mayhem" Miller is back in jail again as his name appeared in the records for persons currently incarcerated with the Orange County Sheriff's Department.

A man named Jason Nicholas Miller, born December 24, 1980 is currently in custody with the Orange County Sheriff's Department. If that name and date sounds familiar it's because it happens to be shared by MMA's own Jason "Mayhem" Miller. Ariel Helwani confirmed the basics via twitter.

Fans may remember Mayhem's recent bizarre appearance on Fox News in which he talked about his new T-Shirt line and demonstrated it's customizable options with a knife he just happened to have on him at the time. He also took to Twitter last night with a not terribly out of character series of tweets that ended somewhat cryptically with this:

Hopefully more details should be coming soon. It's possible, if unlikely, that this is a case of mistaken identity. It certainly wouldn't be Miller's first brush with the law. Whatever the case check back as more information is sure to be available in the next 24 hrs.

UPDATE: Processing has been completed. Jason Nicholas Miller was arrested at 8:00 AM this morning on felony charges. His first court appearance is set for Tuesday, August 13th. As of yet it is not confirmed that this is the fighter Jason "Mayhem" Miller. MMAMania reports that he will be facing attempted burglary charges and is being held on $50,000 bond.

Update 2: The initial report by MMA Mania that the charges were burglary related was incorrect. Mayhem was arrested for domestic violence and has been released after his family posted his bond.