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Bellator fighter War Machine tweets about 'raping' girlfriend Christy Mack

Current Bellator fighter War Machine has once again displayed his own special brand of ignorance in a set of tweets about raping his current girlfriend Christy Mack.

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Alright, I'll say this, I get what War Machine is doing here. He's using language casually, trying to be controversial and show that he doesn't play by the rules of modern society. But there's a point where attention grabbing slips from the desperate to the unconditionally terrible and this comes pretty close to crossing that line. War Machine posted a couple of tweets today about raping his girlfriend Christy Mack, because she wanted do get errands done (presumably before having sex). He defended his sentiments by saying that "Real men rape their wives and girlfriends."

Get it? He's a dominant man, so when he wants sex from a lover he takes it! He rapes her, because that's what a real man does...

Bellator has slowly been cutting ties with it's problem children of late, first releasing Brett Rogers, and then Maiquel Falcao and Paul Daley. Maybe it's time to cut all the dead weight and leave War Machine to go be a real man on the regional circuit.

War Machine and Christy Mack on the MMA Hour in June 2013:

UPDATE by Tim Burke: War Machine has now deleted the "real men rape" tweet, and added two more to explain that it was taken out of context:

Mack also tweeted on the issue: