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UFC 162: Anderson Silva's manager thinks 'he may have taken it too far this time'

Ed Soares took to the MMA Hour to share his response to Anderson Silva's shocking KO loss to Chris Weidman at UFC 162

Esther Lin for MMA Fighting

Everyone watching was shocked to see Anderson Silva showboat his way into a KO loss to challenger Chris Weidman at UFC 162. Silva's manager Ed Soares had an especially close vantage point and he shared his perspective with Ariel Helwani on yesterday's MMA Hour:

"I think he went out there and was taunting him and doing certain things Anderson does once in awhile," Soares said. "There's a possibility he may have taken it too far this time. And unfortunately he wasn't able to walk away with the W.

"You move left when you should have moved right, and your night can end," Soares said. "Unfortunately, Anderson has a tendency to walk on that tightrope of taking risks. It's part of the reason people like to watch him fight is because he takes those type of risks. Unfortunately, Saturday night, didn't go his way.

"People have all these conspiracy theories," Soares said. "It's stupid. It's nonsense. Yeah ... I plan to get knocked out. C'mon. Who plans to get knocked out like that? If he was planning to do that that, why wouldn't he just have tapped to the leglock? C'mon. I'm going to plan to get knocked out? That's ridiculous. Anderson doesn't like to lose, he just got knocked out. Take nothing away from Chris Weidman. ‘Oh, that was a lucky shot.' Well, you know what? 100 percent of the punches you don't throw, don't land. He threw a punch and it landed."

Soares also said he hasn't discussed future plans yet with Silva and is primarily focused on seeing that the ex-champ is surrounding himself with family and those who "love him unconditionally."

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