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UFC 162 results: Chris Weidman knocks out Anderson Silva

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Anderson Silva didn't take Chris Weidman seriously, and he paid dearly for it. Weidman knocked Silva out in the second round to become the new UFC middleweight champion.

Esther Lin for MMA Fighting

The legend Anderson Silva got caught. The reigning UFC middleweight champion came into his fight with Chris Weidman as a slimmer favorite than usual, and it seemed that he didn't take Weidman seriously at all. He started clowning around almost immediately, and in the second round, he paid for it. After acting like he was hurt from a glancing shot, Weidman landed a real hard one and laid Silva out. Then he pounded him into unconsciousness to become the new UFC middleweight champion. The finish came at 1:18 of round two.

Nothing happened for 30 seconds, then Weidman shot and got him down. Weidman backed out of guard and came in with a big right. The challenger worked in half guard, landing some light punches. Silva spun around and Weidman landed a punch, then Weidman went for a leg lock. Silva pulled out and returned to the feet halfway through the round. Silva walked away from the cage, then waved him back over. Anderson put his hands on his hips and openly mocked Weidman. Then landed some kicks. Silva continued to mock him, daring him to fight. Weidman landed a punch at the bell, and Anderson kissed him on the cheek at the horn. Seriously.

Anderson continued to clown early in round two. Weidman shot in but got stuffed. Anderson dropped his hands and mocked Weidman again, and then he paid for it. Weidman clocked him on the chin, and Anderson went down. Weidman jumped on him and put him out cold. And became the new middleweight champion.

After the fight, Silva said that he might not want a rematch, but he's not retiring.