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UFC 162 results: Tim Kennedy decisions Roger Gracie

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Tim Kennedy picked up a win in his UFC debut, outlasting Roger Gracie and taking a unanimous decision in their UFC 162 middleweight bout.

Esther Lin for MMA Fighting

Tim Kennedy was in a pretty bad spot in the first round of his UFC 162 middleweight bout with grappling wizard Roger Gracie. The Brazilian had full back mount and was hunting for a choke. But Kennedy was able to stay out of danger, and even rolled into his guard. From there on, it was all Kennedy. He took the second and third rounds over a tired Gracie, and won a unanimous decision. The scores were 30-27, 30-27, and 29-28.

Pretty slow pace to start, but Gracie got a takedown about 50 seconds in. Kennedy was on one knee while Roger took his back, but Kennedy got up. Kennedy landed a couple of leg kicks, and Gracie landed some knees in the clinch. Gracie got another takedown and got back mount. Gracie had him stuck in a body triangle, but Kennedy defended the choke. Kennedy spun inside the body triangle and ended up on top at the end of the round.

Kennedy opened round two with some kicks and took Gracie down. He landed some big punches but ate an upkick. Gracie rolled through and got up. They clinched up and Kennedy landed a nice elbow. Kennedy scored another takedown, but Gracie locked him up until he got a ref standup. They clinched to the horn.

Kennedy again decided to kick early in the final round. Kennedy missed with a takedown but got a bodylock from behind. Gracie briefly got a takedown but Kennedy popped up immediately. They clinched up for a while until the ref separated them. Gracie was very tired and wasn't striking at all. Kennedy landed a right and went back to the clinch.