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UFC 162 results: Mark Munoz beats up Tim Boetsch and takes decision victory

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Mark Munoz picked up a big win by taking a unanimous decision victory over Tim Boetsch in their UFC 162 middleweight fight.

Esther Lin for MMA Fighting

Mark Munoz had been out for a long time, and really needed a good performance in his return to the octagon. And man did he get it. After a very close first round, Munoz totally took over in the first two rounds and brutalized Boetsch's body and head with ground and pound. The bout was definitely a fight of the night contender either way. The judges had it 30-26, 30-27, and 29-28 for Munoz.

Boetsch was the aggressor early in round one, getting a couple of brief takedowns and working against the fence. Munoz used some ridiculous strength to drag Boetsch to the floor, but he's also able to get up quickly. Munoz got another one, but Boetsch used a guillotine to reverse. There were some great scrambles. After some clinch work, Munoz landed a hard combination. The round was pretty close.

Boetsch opened the second with a big body kick, and Munoz kicked him right back. They exchanged a barrage knees in an extended clinch sequence. Boetsch connected with two punchs but Munoz got a takedown. Munoz landed some huge punches to the body, but Boetsch got up. Then went right back down. Munoz just continued to unload on the ribs. Boetsch posted up against the cage but ate some knees to the body. Munoz clearly dominated the round.

It was Munoz continuing to bring the pressure in the third. Boetsch used a slick guillotine to negate a takedown and looked for an arm. Munoz escaped and opened up with big hammerfists. Boetsch vainly looked for a kneebar but there wasn't anything there.Munoz worked for a kimura from half guard. He then looked for a rear naked choke, but settled for some more massive GnP. Munoz closed out by just jumping into Boetsch's guard with big strikes.