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UFC 163 results: Norman Parke takes decision over Kazuki Tokudome

In a lightweight UFC 162 bout, TUF Smashes winner Norman Parke picked up a decision win over Kazuki Tokudome.

Esther Lin for MMA Fighting

TUF Smashes winner Norman Parke tried his hardest to knock out Kazuki Tokudome, but the Japanese fighter would not go down. Parke lit him up with left hooks in the first and second round, and managed to fight off fatigue long enough to take a decision win in their lightweight bout. Tokudome was game and got his licks in, but it wasn't enough to overcome Parke's offense in the first 10 minutes. The judges had it 30-27, 30-27, and 29-28.

Parke connected with a couple of nice winging lefts early, which Tokudome looked to kick the legs. Parke responded with his own stinging kicks though. Parke got a bodylock around Tokudome's waist and tried to drag the fight to the floor, but Tokudome reversed and ended up on top. The Japanese fighter controlled position on the ground and landed a few strikes, but couldn't pass Parke's guard. Parke reversed position with 25 seconds to go and rode out the round on top.

The second started a little slower with the fighters being more tentative. Parke clipped him with a counter about a minute in and Tokudome went down briefly. He got back up and ate a ton of shots, but his chin held up. He came back and landed a few hard punches himself. Parke landed a head kick and four straight left hooks, but Tokudome just stared at him. Parke got a takedown halfway through the round. Tokudome got up and landed a flying knee, but got taken down again and Parke moved straight to mount. Tokudome reversed quickly though and they went to the horn.

After some striking to open the third, Parke looked for a single leg and settled for a front headlock. Just like the first round, Parke tried to drag Tokudome down but got reversed. They got up quickly though. Tokudome landed two head kicks and got a big takedown. Parke got up and made it to the final bell despite being very tired.

Parke moved to 2-0 in the UFC, while Tokudome dropped to 1-1.