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UFC 162 results: Brian Melancon knocks out Seth Baczynski

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Brian Melancon picked up his first UFC victory by stopping Seth Baczynski in the last second of round one at UFC 162.

Esther Lin for MMA Fighting

Brian Melancon entered the cage as a decided underdog in his UFC debut, but he totally dominated Seth Baczynski and knocked him out in the last second of round one. After recovering from an earlier knockdown, Baczynski was riding out the round on the ground after a Melancon takedown. But with no time on the clock, he got knocked out by a barrage of ground and pound.

Melancon opened well with a big left hook to the head and one to the body, along with a leg kick. Baczynski looked a little tentative early after eating a few heavy shots. Melconcon landed another huge left hook that dropped Baczynski halfway through the round. Seth recovered and looked for a sub on the bottom, so Melancon let him back up to the feet. Melancon got a single leg takedown against the fence. With about five seconds to go, he jumped in with a huge punch and pounded Baczynski out right at the horn.

Baczynski dropped his second bout in a row and fell to 4-3 in the UFC overall. The win was Melancon's first in the UFC and seventh overall.