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UFC's Dana White on Rousey vs. Tate, Belfort vs. Sonnen, Lawler vs. MacDonald, more

Ariel Helwani caught up with UFC president Dana White and got him to open up about a number of topics including Ronda Rousey's lawyer, Miesha Tate, Vitor Belfort and more.

Here's a partial transcript of the video above in which MMA Fighting's Ariel Helwani talks to UFC President Dana White.

Helwani: Have you noticed that the women, Ronda and Miesha, are generating more headlines, more buzz than the other fighters? You could say those are bigger names, those are bigger fights, but those two, there's a lot of heat there. Have you noticed that?

White: No I didn't notice that, but there is. Anytime you get the fights where there's... It's like the other day, Ellenberger and Rory MacDonald were talked about more than the main event and things like that. You know, people get into the fights when the people hate eachother.

Helwani: So you did say last week that those fights, where there's heat, often don't deliver. Are you afraid that this one wont deliver?

White: No, I mean their last fight was awesome. So I would expect the next fight to be great too. But, you have to admit, a lot of the fights where there's a lot of shit talk, they don't turn out too well.

Helwani: Ronda flipped her the bird yesterday. Did you see that? What did you think of that?

White: Get used to it. You're gonna see a lot more of it.

Helwani: Ronda told me a couple days ago that, when Miesha came on the set for the first time for the Ultimate Fighter, her initial reaction was that she was being replaced. She was upset. Why would the champion be replaced? That makes no sense to me.

White: I have no idea.

Helwani: Did she express that to you?

White: Yeah. Yeah, at first I thought she was just flipping out because Miesha was there. And what she thought was that I was kicking her off the show and replacing her with Miesha.

Helwani: Why? How would that make any sense? She's the biggest star, she's the champion.

White: It would make sense because there's a lot more backstory to it. That's why it would make sense.

Helwani: Can you tell us the backstory? It's very bizzare.

White: It's not worth it.

Helwani: Give us a little bit of it.

White: She has a Hollywood agent who called me up and... No, not a Hollywood agent. She has a Hollywood lawyer who called me up the Sunday before we started filming and we got into it.

Helwani: Was it a money thing?

White: It's a fucking ignorant thing is what it is. It was one of the most ignorant fucking moves in the history of ignorant moves. And I flipped out, I lost my fucking mind. So that's it. There you go, you got it. That's all you're getting out of me.

Helwani: Do you have any idea what you'll do with Rory now?

White: Thinkin' about doing Rory, Robbie Lawler.

Helwani: This year?

White: I don't know, we'll see.

Helwani: Were you happy with the Fox 8 ratings on Saturday? A lot of people saying that the sky is falling.

White: I've been hearing that shit for ten years. I was pumped, pumped with them. We're no. 1 on all of television in the demo, 18 to 34, 18 to 49. All the demos that matter, and it was the same number we pulled last summer. So why would I not be upset? Not to mention the fact that... Why would I be upset? the numbers were great. The other thing is, first of all, it's summer, HUT levels are lower. People don't know what the fuck they're talking about. Wanna talk about "The sky is falling?" 57,000 males 18 to 34. The fucking sky just fucking crushed you, okay. The sky fell and splattered you all over the fucking ground. That's a disaster.

Helwani: You're reffering to Bellator of course.

White: All the money, time and energy right now is being focused on Fox Sports 1. It wasn't focused on the Fox fight. The Fox fight killed it.

Helwani: You mentioned yesterday, "Vitor Belfort doesn't want to fight Tim Kennedy, let him fight Rashad." Of course you're referring to the fact that they're teammates. That's not going to happen right?

White: No, I'm not referring to the fact that they're teammates. I'm saying that if he wants to fight somebody else at 205, then he can fight Rashad.

Helwani: He told me yesterday he wants to fight Chael Sonnen.

White: Chael Sonnen's fighting Shogun.

Helwani: After that fight.

White: Forget Vitor man.

Helwani: He thinks you're upset at him.

White: I am upset at him, I am. Yeah, he's on my nerves.

Helwani: Is the Kennedy fight dead?

White: You guys want to see the Chael Sonnen Fight?

Helwani: I think it's a more interesting fight than the Kennedy fight, yes.

White: More interesting fight than the Kennedy fight? Let's see. Kennedy's won all his fights, Chael Sonnen has lost his last two fights.

Helwani: But there's a lot of heat there. they've been going back and forth for a long time.