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UFC On FOX 8: Ellenberger 'Most gratifying win for me, would be to just put him to sleep'

UFC welterweight contender, Jake Ellenberger is all fired up for his fight later today with Rory MacDonald. In this exclusive interview with Bloody Elbow, he discusses Rory's immaturity, and how he wants to put him to sleep.

Image courtesy of Esther Lin for MMA Fighting
Image courtesy of Esther Lin for MMA Fighting

The day is finally upon us. After several fun filled Twitter exchanges, mean mugging via interviews and general flexing of the intellect, Jake Ellenberger and Rory MacDonald are finally going to throw dukes. In just a few short hours, the fight I want to see most on the UFC On FOX 8 card will unfold and we'll be treated to what I like to think of as the real main event. I love the flyweights, but this fight has the potential to be the show stealer, and I absolutely think it will be.

I recently sat down with Ellenberger, who discussed his newly sharpened edge in social media and why it's directed squarely at Rory Mac. I must admit, I'm really digging this new, razor sharp Jake. He's honed his smack talking and seems to be having great fun with it, like a big kid with a new toy. Here's what 'The Juggernaut' had to say:

I really have nothing personal against Rory. He's used to being the bully, and he's talking trash on BJ Penn. In my mind, if you're really the best in the world, and if you believe it, then you should not ever choose who you fight. Unfortunately for him, he didn't get to choose this fight.

It's hard to put it into words without sounding arrogant, but every time I fight, I try to make the adjustments to be a better athlete. I get more and more confident in my skills. You know Rory is a little bit premature, I think. He does have a lot of potential, and people have blown that way up.

When people started saying he was the next GSP, I almost choked on my coffee. Are you kidding me? There's not another GSP on this planet. There's only one GSP, and he has done things that nobody will ever be able to duplicate again. If he and Rory were to fight, it wouldn't even be close. There's not one place in his game that Rory is as good as GSP. Not one. I have an extreme point of view there.

He beat up BJ Penn who is a natural lightweight. I've just never been sold on Rory. I've fought on a few cards with him, and I definitely kept my eye on him, but I am extremely confident in my skills.

I think the most gratifying win for me, would be to just put him to sleep. That way, there's no question. Anytime you get a TKO, there's the chance that people will say it was stopped too early. I'd like for him to be out cold, sleeping. It's nothing personal against Rory. He is a nice kid. He's a little weird, and he dresses like a fruit-stick, but he's a nice enough kid, I guess.

He has shown his emotions, but I think that's his age showing through. You can tell he's a little bit immature. I've been there, I've done it. I've lost fights due to being over emotional. He was tweeting at me like he was mad. I got what I wanted out of him [laughs]. You can see he's emotional about this fight, and I definitely plan to use it to my advantage.

I think I speak for a large contingency of people when I say this: CAN'T. HARDLY. WAIT.

You can follow Jake via his Twitter account, @EllenbergerMMA