Aldo meets the Zombie in a battle over 9 lineal titles

August 3rd is just around the corner. And, although we have one card in between in which Mighty Mouse will put his own 5 lineal titles on the line (UFC, KOTC, Shooto, Gladiator Challenge, Tachi Palace), the prospect of lineal title unification has me a little bit more excited.

For those who have not read my lineal title posts before, I follow a couple of simple rules:

1. Each lineal title can be traced back to the original title issued by the respective promotion

2. I don't count fights outside of the title's weight class, except where noted

Lineal Titles on the Line:

1. UFC

Tile History: Aldo defeated Mark Hominick after coming over from the WEC

2. Pancrase

Title History: Maeda > Pearson > Faber > Brown > Aldo

3. King of the Cage

Title History: Velasquez > Valencia > Faber > Brown > Aldo

4. Deep

Title History: Imanari > Paixao > Fabiano > Semerzier > Taurosevicius > Davis > Grispi > Poirier > Zombie

5. Sport Fight

Title History: Wilson > Faber > Brown > Aldo

6. WEC

Title History: Faber > Brown > Aldo

7. IFL

Title History: Fabiano > Semerzier > Taurosevicius > Davis > Grispi > Poirier > Zombie

8. TKO

Title History: Fabiano > Curran > Faber > Brown > Aldo

9. Icon Sport

Title History: Newalu > Visher > Toner > Nunes > Florian > Aldo

Important Notes

  • WEC title is the 2nd iteration of the belt. The 1st was originally won by Escovedo in 2002. The belt gets passed around a bit until it ends up in the hands of Gilbert Melendez in one of his few FW bouts. Melendez moves back up to LW and the title dead ends there unless Gilbert makes the drop again someday...
  • Icon Sort title ignores a string of losses by Newalu as he competed at BW.

Lineal Title Leaderboard

# Name # of Titles Unify
1 Benson Henderson 28 80%
2 Cain Velasquez 24 76%
3 George St. Piere 19 58%
3 Chris Weidman 19 54%
4 Jon Jones 17 56%
5 Jose Aldo 7 28%
6 Johny Hendricks 6 19%
7 Mighty Mouse 5 50%
7 Dominick Cruz 5 24%
7 Vitor Belfort 5 14%
8 Marlon Moraes 4
8 Akira Corassani 4
8 Constantinos Philippou 4
8 Bibiano Fernandes 4
8 Gegard Moussasi 4
8 Pat Curran 4
9 Ricardo Lamas 3
10 Six fighters tied with 2 titles 2

The winner of this bout between Aldo and the Zombie would secure 36% of available titles in the weightclass. A quick glance at the Leaderboad tells us that the next chance for unification of lineal titles would be a match with the Akira Corassani who holds 4 tiles (Dream, Shooto, Cage Warrior, IHC) or the much deserving Ricardo Lamas who holds 3 titles (Gladiator Challenge, UCMMA, Sengoku-WVR). Also notable is Pat Curran who holds the Bellator MMA, XFC, PFC, and Shark Fights titles. Unfortunately, it may be a while before we can see those titles unified.

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