Prospects to Watch this Weekend

Legacy Fighting Championship - 19 Jul - Houston, TX


Darrion Caldwell (2-0) vs. Gerzan Chaw

Caldwell was a National Champion wrestling for North Carolina St., and if not for injuries, he likely would have won even more. The sky is the limit for Caldwell in MMA, but the question is going to be can he stay healthy. For more on Caldwell's amazing talents, check out the piece Mike Riordan did on him a few months back.


Holly Holm (3-0) vs. Allanna Jones

This is Holm's first MMA fight since she retired from professional boxing to pursue MMA full time. She was long considered one of the best female boxers in the sport, and also has experience kickboxing so it isn't hard to guess that she will look to keep this fight standing. She is working with the team at Greg Jackson's camp, and with her focus solely on MMA we should start to see more progress on her Takedown defense, and rounding out of her MMA skills.

XFC - 20 Jul - Brisbane


Michael Tobin (5-0) vs. Adrian Rodriguez (4-1)

Tobin has finished all of his fights by 1st round submission. He has serviceable striking, but uses trips, and body locks to get the fight to the ground and then it is game over.

Cage Warriors - 20 Jul - Liverpool, England


Ali Arish (19-2) vs. Jack Mason

Arish is a fighter of Iranian Heritage who got a very late start in MMA. He is 38 years old, but all 21 of his fights have come since 2009, and he is on a 8 fight winning streak right now. I was not going to list him due to his advanced age, but a win over Mason could get him some interest from either Bellator or UFC, similar to the way Antonio McKee gained some interest in his late 30s.


Danny Roberts (8-1) vs. Aldric Cassata

Roberts has rebounded from his only pro loss, with 2 straight stoppage victories. He was struggling in his bout against Jack Mason before pulling off an armbar submission in the 2nd round. He will struggle against better wrestlers, but has enough stand up to hold his own.


Chris Fishgold (8-0) vs. Marcin Wrzosek (6-1)

Fishgold's game is grappling, and anytime he is standing is just to close the distance enough to go for a body lock, or another takedown attempt. Once on the mat, he is very good at keeping the dominant position, and taking whatever submission his opponent gives him.

Jungle Fights - 20 Jul - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Robson Souza (5-0) vs. Marcos Vinicius (8-1)

Souza has finished all of him opponents to this point, 3 with Arm bars, but will step up in competition against Vinicius. Vinicius avenged his only loss last time out by picking up a submission victory over Sidney Oliveira. There is a wealth of good, flyweight talent in Brazil, and the winner of this fight could be in line to face some of the more established Flyweights.

Review from Last Week


Henry Corrales (5-0) remained undefeated and passed a tough test, defeating Cooper Gibson (7-2) by Unanimous decision


Ray Wood improved to 4-0, and won the New England Fights Featherweight title with a 1st round Submission victory over Lenny Wheeler (6-3). Matt DesRoches (5-0) picked up a 1st round armbar submission over Jon Lemke (3-1)

Nitro MMA

Tyler Manawaroa improved to 10-0 with a first round submission victory over Taipari Rikihana. Cam Bracewell (3-1) was derailed and stopped, when Chris Lokteff locked in a Rear Naked Choke in the 2nd round.

MMA Super Heroes

Thomas de Almeida is now (12-0) with 12 first round stoppages after getting a KO over Valdines Silva. He was in a little bit of trouble in this fight, but still finished in the 1st round. It will be interesting to see if Almeida is cleared for his 3rd fight of the month scheduled against Ricardo Sattelmayer on July 27th.

Felipe Douglas (6-1) failed in his first step up in competiton, as he was stoppaged by Vinicius Zani.


Takahiro Ashida (9-1-2) picked up a Majority Decision for his 7th straight win.

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