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Invicta FC 6: Bec Hyatt says split from husband won't affect her performance

Invicta strawweight contender, Bec Hyatt, opened up about the split from her husband, her dream to train with Team Alpha Male and her brand new contract extension.

Image courtesy of Invicta FC
Image courtesy of Invicta FC

Today, Invicta FC will make it's first foray into paid programming with it's sixth event. The card boasts 13 bouts and will feature the long awaited rematch between Marloes Coenen and Cris Cyborg. There are so many great fights on this card, that one would be hard put to find a reason not to order it, and at just $14.95, it is absolutely a bargain buy, considering that the UFC ppv events go far north of $50 these days.

One of the fights I'm most looking forward to is the one between Bec Hyatt and Mizuki Inoue. Bec has made quite a name for herself and has a solid following here in the states, despite being based out of Australia. Her willingness to brawl is refreshing and always makes for a fun fight.

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with her for a brief interview. She was very open and honest regarding a topic that most are curious about, her split from her husband, and how it hasn't really impacted her training or mindset going into her fight with Inoue. Here's what she had to say:

I've separated from my husband, but I'm in a good space, with a lot less stress, actually. It's just another fight for me, another night out there, doing my thing. It was weird, because I had a husband, but he wasn't supportive. He didn't help me out as much as he liked to make out that he did. It was like having three children instead of two [laughs].

I've done this on my own for a really long time. I don't really know how to put this, but it's not really as it seems. Our relationship ... he wasn't as supportive as everyone thinks he was. I was always like a single mother, as it was. I've always gone out there with something to prove, and this fight is no different.

He did play a big part in my career management-wise, but not in my training camps, and support in that way. I'm now managed by Alchemist Management, and I have been since before the Jasminka (Cive) fight. If Dan had still been managing me when we separated, it would have been a lot harder. Things would have been a lot different, but I feel that nothing has really changed for me.

When it comes to dream training locales, Bec has her mind set on Team Alpha Male:

I really want to come to the US and train at some of the gyms there. I'm interested in checking out Team Alpha Male and training with the little guys there. I think it would be amazing, and my wrestling coach in Australia is actually friends with one of the guys out there, so hopefully, he can hook something up for me.

Hyatt also mentioned that she has signed with Invicta for six fights which will span two years.

I have extended my contract with Invicta. I'm now signed for six fights, which will go for two years, I think. It's really exciting for me, and now people are going to see my face a lot more [laughs]. I love it at Invicta and feel that I'm very well looked after. They treat us like royalty and I don'[t have anything to complain about. I'm very happy there.

You can watch Bec fight tonight via PPV. Visit the Invicta website for more details. You can follow Bec via her Twitter account, @RowdyBec