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Nevada Commission denies they are investigating suspicious bet on Weidman

The NSAC is NOT investigating a $1 million dollar bet on Chris Weidman to beat Anderson Silva at UFC 162.


We've heard the rumors that the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) was investigating a late-placed $1 million bet placed on Chris Weidman just before his UFC 162 bout with Anderson Silva. Now MMA Fighting has gone to the source and gotten some facts:

Nevada Gaming Control Board chief of enforcement Jerry Markling confirmed to MMA Fighting that his agency, which is tasked with criminal investigations related to gaming activities, is not looking into any $1 million wager related to UFC 162.

"While I cannot give you specific information about ongoing investigations, I can tell you that the Gaming Control Board is not investigating any dispute involving UFC 162 and a wager of that amount," he said. "In addition, we do not have any information of any book having accepted a wager of that size on that event."

Ok conspiracy nuts, back to the drawing board.

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