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Boxing legend Roy Jones, Jr. would love to fight UFC champ Anderson Silva

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UFC Middleweight champ Anderson Silva has been speaking of his desire to face boxing legend Roy Jones, Jr. for a long time. Now the boxing great is saying he'd love to fight Silva.

Ethan Miller

The UFC has re-signed their Middleweight champ Anderson Silva to a new 10 fight contract but they don't seem to have signed his heart. He recently told the New York Post his real dream:

Silva, the undisputed pound-for-pound best MMA fighter in the world, told The Post in a phone interview Wednesday that he would want to get into a ring or a cage with Jones Jr. "much, much more" than engage in a UFC champion vs. champion superfight with Jon Jones or Georges St-Pierre.

"I think everyone's got something they're focused on and that's my own desire, something I'd like to do," Silva said through a translator. "Maybe one day when I'm done my UFC career I will box Roy Jones."

Silva said he'd be interested in taking on Jones Jr. twice - once in a bout with MMA rules and another in a boxing ring. He said he knows Jones Jr. and calls him "a great champion."

Now Roy Jones, Jr. is telling TMZ he's down for a throw down with Silva, "I would love it ... Call me and we'll make that happen," he told the tabloid.

Anderson Silva next fights at UFC 162 against Chris Weidman on July 6.