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Titan Fighting Championship 25: Kevin Asplund vs. Bobby Lashley, live chat and discussion at 10 PM EST.

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Titan Fighting returns after almost a year between events for a night of fights, featuring Bobby Lashley, live at 10pm ET, 7 Pacific on AXS TV.

Rumors were swirling last year that Titan FC had been sold to RFA. Turns out it was their time buy on AXS TV that got sold, not the promotion itself. And now, after a year's hiatus the promotion is back with an all new night of fights. Headlining the card is former pro-wrestler and Strikeforce Heavyweight Bobby Lashly, taking on longtime vet. Kevin Asplund. The card features several young prospects as well, so check it out on AXS TV and discuss it here on Bloody Elbow.

The Card:

Kevin Asplund (15-4) vs. Bobby Lashley (7-2)
Zach Freeman
(7-0) vs. Jake Lindsey (7-0)
Jesus Adame
(3-2) vs. Brian Davidson (10-4)
Aaron Derrow
(12-6) vs. Marcio Navarro (11-9)
Zach Hubbard
(1-0) vs. Jeimeson Saudino (6-1)
Kirk Grinlinton
(3-4) vs. Gregg Van De Creek (1-1)