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Jason Miller never received health coverage for knee surgery from the UFC

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Not a lot has been heard from Jason Miller since a series of bizarre incidents capped off the end of his professional fighting career. Now he's back on "The MMA Hour" with Ariel Helwani to talk about his problems with UFC health care and a few harsh words for Kobe Bryant.


When we last heard from Miller it was in a bizarre role-playing interview on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani. Miller wanted to give some screen time to his recent character, Lucky Patrick, from the movie Here Comes the Boom, and Ariel was having none of it. A few weeks prior to the interview, "Mayhem" had been arrested naked in the church he'd supposedly been vandalizing. Miller claimed it was all a misunderstanding and, considering the charges were dropped, there may be something to that.

Now, however, fences appear to be mended (at least with Helwani) and Miller came back to The MMA Hour with some interesting things to say about his experiences with the UFC medical coverage system.

"[The UFC] pretended they were going to give me the surgery, and they started acting like they were going to fix my leg. I went back and they dragged it out until my insurance coverage expired. So now I can't get my knee fixed."


"My left knee, same one I hurt in the (C.B. Dolloway) fight. If you're walking around with no ACL for one year, Kobe Bryant is a p***y. I'm walking like the hunchback of Notre Dame over here. That's the big problem, right? I'm hurting, but I got so used to ignoring pain over my entire life from doing the job that I did, and I bet it's a bit of genetics because my dad's done the same thing, then, try to walk through the pain, whatever. Then your foot swells up like a watermelon. Try to work out hard? Nope!"

He estimated that the surgery would cost somewhere around $50,000, which is why he has yet to attempt it. He also went on to say that he has no plans to return to fighting, which comes as little surprise, given his condition.

I have no doubt that his troubles with the insurance company are legitimate, although I wonder how much of that can be laid at the UFC's door. No healthcare provider I've ever worked with has made getting treatment, or paying for it a straightforward process. Here's hoping that his post-MMA career provides well enough to eventually get the procedures he needs.