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Bill Cooper Cut from Metamoris II, Replaced by Keenan Cornelius

Metamoris organizers have announced that Bill Cooper will not be taking part and that Keenan Cornelius of Atos Jiu Jitsu will be replacing him.

According to the following announcement on the official Metamoris Facebook page Bill Cooper of Paragon BJJ will not be taking part in the June 9th card.

Bill Cooper has been cut from the Metamoris Pro Jiu Jitsu Invitational II card for failing to complete pre-competition requirements and for conduct unbefitting a Metamoris competitor. We expect our athletes to comport themselves in a professional manner both on and off the mat. Despite Cooper's unquestionable ability as a competitor, we had to part ways.

Stepping in for Cooper on June 9th, and taking on Victor Estima, isKeenan Cornelius. We are honored to have Cornelius take part in the card. He is the only man in history to score a Jiu Jitsu Grand Slam by taking double gold, winning his weight division and the absolute, at the Brazilian Nationals, the European Open, the Pan-Ams, and the Worlds, in a single year. We look forward to providing Cornelius with a new platform on which he can showcase his consummate skill.

Cooper was originally supposed to face Ryan Hall in a submission only match, but injury forced Hall to withdraw. Victor Estima, brother of Braulio Estima who is also on the card, stepped in for Hall. Now to replace Cooper is former Lloyd Irivn student now of Atos Jiu Jitsu Keenan Cornelius. A stand out brown belt, Keenan left Team Lloyd Irvin during the scandals and allegations of sexual abuse that have rocked that camp in the last year. Keenan has dominated the lower belt divisions and this will make for an interesting test of his skills.