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MMA fighter and gym owner stops fleeing murder suspect

Former Bellator fighter and MMA gym owner Ururahy Rodrigues chased down, and choked out murder suspect Eric Billings in Villa Rica, Georgia.

Bellator MMA

Sometimes the mantra of 'self defense' and 'real fighting' is not just a mantra. Such was the case for 34-year-old Ururahy Rodrigues when he stepped out of his gym on Wednesday, June 26th after hearing gunfire erupt from the the business next door. The business was The Mobley Company Jewelers, Inc., and it had just been robbed by a gang of five men who broke into display cases with a sledgehammer in an attempt at a smash and grab.

The men were confronted by store owner Mitch Mobley and in attempting to prevent the crime Mobley was shot and killed, allegedly by 16-year-old Eric Billings. Hearing the gunfire, Rodrigues left his gym (Defkon One Fighting & Fitness) to investigate. He saw the alleged assailant, Billings fleeing the scene and gave chase. WSBTV reported that Rodrigues caught the suspect and held him in a choke hold until police arrived.

Billings is being charged with murder, armed robbery, and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime. Magistrate Court Judge Alton Johnson stated that Billings will be tried as an adult and could potentially face the death penalty. Another suspect, Raphael Rucker, has been captured since the incident, but three more remain at large.

For Rodrigues, who most recently lost to UFC vet Clay Harvison on the prelims of Bellator 88 in February, he has made it clear that he want's little acclaim for his actions, telling WSBTV, that he "is not a hero' and that he is trying to come to terms with the murder of his friend. In the hopes that it may lead to further arrests police have released footage of the shooting: